Careers at Vocare Ledlight

Help us to determine our course

To run a successful business and to stay it, you have a strong strategy.
This strategy forms the basis for daily decisions from Vocare-LEDlight.
A clear course that takes account of the customer and the employee.
Together they achieve the success of
And here you can influence this! Indeed, you are explicitly invited to give your own input.
Giving your views about your job, your positive attitude and critics.
The release of both invited as unsolicited advice about your field are
some examples of how you can give valuable input.
But there are more ways to do this, we find it interesting to see how you fill it.
Like our customers, our employees have unique personalities where we like to take this into account.
All input together makes sure that company as an innovative character.
It is a must to stay ahead as the online store LED light in the Netherlands.

Are you curious?
Please mail your resume to the job soon where you can help to determine our course.
Vocare LEDlight
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